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Thank You Bramble Berry

As a soapmaker, I am only as good as my supplies. One of my favorite suppliers is Bramble Berry. There are many reasons why I look to this company as an example of how I want to grow. I love how they offer opportunities to help you grow as a business. Over the past few months, there have been fun blog contests to enter that run the gamut for soap & cosmetic makers (Nail Polish, Bath Bombs, Naturally Colored Soap, […]

Thank You Bramble Berry!

Much to my surprise, I received an unexpected delivery Friday. The outside sticker gave me a huge clue as to where the box came from, but I hadn’t ordered anything. Hmmm….. The suspense was building as I opened it. Notice the branding? Wow! A thank you for participating on the Fall S.O.A.P. Panel.   I now have a couple of fun, creative soap recipes with samples of what the finished product should look like, some activated charcoal (one of my fav colorants:), […]

Final Thoughts on the Fall Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. Panel

First of all, I want to give a huge ThAnK yOu to Bramble Berry for selecting me to choose the fall fragrances. It has been a blast and an amazing experience! Soaps are in scent order from #1 (red & beige in the front) to #8 (the last soap on the right). What I learned: You may end up liking a fragrance even if you don’t like it initially. That’s how I felt about #2. My initial reaction was not so lovely, but it is […]

Testing, Testing S.O.A.P. Fragrances 7 & 8

The third time is the charm! Since I CPOP (cold process oven process) most all of my soap I figured whipping up these Soap Pops for Bramble Berry’s Fall S.O.A.P. Panel would be a breeze. Well, there is a bit of a learning curve for CPOPing single cavity molds (tips below).  First, the good part- thoughts on the last two Bramble Berry Fragrances. Scent #7-  Evergreen Boughs Initial Reaction- inviting and full bodied. Full of spruce, juniper and fir and maybe just a […]

Thoughts on S.O.A.P. Scents 4-6

Keeping with the Soap Pop theme, I’m ready to test the next three Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. Fall Panel fragrances. This time, I’m using clays for color. Oh, I have been adding the fragrance before coloring to be sure I have the same amount throughout the soap and to give it more opportunity to act up. Scent #4- Groovy Geranium Initial reaction- geranium! This is a deeper, earthier floral compared to #3. There is some sweetness, but that’s on the back burner. […]