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Thank You Bramble Berry

As a soapmaker, I am only as good as my supplies. One of my favorite suppliers is Bramble Berry. There are many reasons why I look to this company as an example of how I want to grow. I love how they offer opportunities to help you grow as a business. Over the past few months, there have been fun blog contests to enter that run the gamut for soap & cosmetic makers (Nail Polish, Bath Bombs, Naturally Colored Soap, […]

Win Our Giant Gingerbread Man!

‘Tis the season for giving. Here’s a chance for us to give you an opportunity to win a prize!   Our Giant Gingerbread Man Glycerin Soap weighs over 2 pounds, so you’ll be squeaky clean for months to come! He smells like a yummy Gingerbread Man should and he is paraben, sulfate & sulfite free.   All you have to do is make a retail purchase from us either in person from now until Dec. 16, on our Etsy page […]