Follow Your Heart

What do I love? Honestly, tons of things, but I want to talk about soap.

I have done a ton of thinking about my business this year and last. Do I change my name because people can’t remember it? Do I focus on products other than soap? Do I really narrow my line and get Organic Certified? Do I, do I, do I…?

Here’s what I know. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making soap. It’s the artistic, creative outlet I need in my life. I love figuring out new designs and making amazing smelling little works of art that you can take home and enjoy. (and the soaps are not only beautiful, but they are amazing for your skin)

Best in Show Award Winner

Ocean Soap

Sure, I make super lotions and lovely candles, but other than packaging and label design, the creativity is gone. Each batch of soap (especially new designs) is a creative gamble as there are many factors I have to accommodate for in order to get the end result I’ve created in my mind’s eye. A little piece of me goes into each batch and I love to share the joy I get while creating amazing and beautiful soap.

I hope my soap makes you smile. I hope my soap makes you have a moment of happy. I hope you actually USE my soap instead of just look at it because I know where there’s lots more…

So, I love what I do and I really appreciate your support because you spur me on and give me faith that a micro business can grow and become something incredible. 2015 = wow!

Happy day,
Calise Soapworks & Such