Thank You Bramble Berry

As a soapmaker, I am only as good as my supplies. One of my favorite suppliers is Bramble Berry. There are many reasons why I look to this company as an example of how I want to grow. I love how they offer opportunities to help you grow as a business. Over the past few months, there have been fun blog contests to enter that run the gamut for soap & cosmetic makers (Nail Polish, Bath Bombs, Naturally Colored Soap, Packaging, etc.)

Recently, I was honored with a Photography Challenge– Props Award for my Ocean Soap. The other awesome soaps pictured here were also winners. See how inspiring this is?

My Giant Lolly Soaps also were one of the Soap Sculpting Winners. 

Looking at other’s work is inspiring and trying to come up with a unique, fun entry is a great challenge.

Thanks, Bramble Berry for the recognition and the inspiration!

Happy day,
Calise Soapworks & Such